Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is on YOUR writing playlist?

Most of the time when I'm writing, I have noise in the background: the kids playing a video games together, all of us watching a movie while I jot something here and there, the filter cycling water through the turtle tank, or the cats playing Neo and Agent Smith in the kitchen floor.  My favorite  noise is the sound of the kids playing, of course. It's relaxing in a way that only a devoted mother could understand.

But on those rare moments when I'm alone in the car, on iPod day at work, or when the kids are gone, I get in moods where I want to have music on that will inspire a certain feeling.  I do this especially when I've got ideas brewing that need a little nudge here and there.  I like to make a CD with ammunition for imagination.  These songs usually tell some sort of story that sparks a dark, sinister, or epic feeling in me when I'm thinking of writing or actively writing.  These songs on my MP3 player also make the workday more exciting, not that the insurance business is boring or anything.

Here is what is currently on that CD:

1.  Don't Go into That Barn-Tom Waits

2.  Cities in Dust-Siouxsie and the Banshees

3.  Lost in the Flood-Bruce Springsteen

4.  Pet-A Perfect Circle

5.  Middleman-Bright Eyes

6.  Red Right Hand-Nick Cave

7.  Hallelujah-Rufus Wainwright

8.  The Black Rider-Tom Waits

9.  Where Good Girls Go to Die-London After Midnight

As you can see, my taste runs a little on the theatrical side.  Those are just a few of the songs that I currently enjoy writing to.  The list gets modified and added to, but rarely subtracted from.  These are my staples.  No matter what my mood is, these are the songs that bring to mind the richest lands, the most mysterious characters, and enticingly intense settings.

Please share your favorite writing music! And if you don't listen to music while writing or looking for inspiration, what do you do?


  1. For me, it kinda depends on what I'm writing nd the mood I need to portray. Right now, my playlist (fav's) is a combination of Christina Perri, The Civil Wars, The Belle Brigade, Bess Rodgers, and The First Aid Kit (an indie band I just came across and adore). I'm writing a zombie western and so most of my music has a country twang to it (puts me in the mood). If you get a chance check out BARTON HALLOW by The Civil Wars (go to my blog, click on WANTED:Sample tab at the top and you can hear it). This song is like the background song for my zombie western novel. I LOVE this group.

    Thanks for asking me to pop by :)

  2. My writing playlist tends to run to the dark, which makes sense since I write dark paranormal romance. Some of my faves are: anything by Muse, Disturbed’s Down with the Sickness, I Put a Spell on You (I’ve been into the Marilyn Manson version lately), and Billy Idol’s Eyes Without a Face. :-)

  3. Angela: I love period settings! I haven't read any zombie period stuff, though my daughter raves about what she's read. Can't wait to check it out (the song AND the book)!

    Rosalie: That is usually the stuff I will gravitate toward as well! I do enjoy very theatrical pieces that tell stories. I sat at work one day last week listening to Cities in Dust and had a whole book play itself out in my head!

  4. I can't write to music with lyrics - well mostly. I love listening to soundtracks! My favorites include:

    LOTR - Two Towers (Not sure why, but of the 3 its my fav)
    Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (love video game music!)
    Pirates of the Caribbean (Black Pearl & At World's End I like best)
    The Village

    I also like Enya - even with vocals. *grins*

    1. I love video game music, too, but I like them with lyrics LOL Currently I'm listening to the soundtrack from Fallout New Vegas! LOL Totally not my style of music normally, but it evokes a certain feel, thanks to the game!

  5. PS. I love A Perfect Circle ^_^