Friday, January 20, 2012

January is Volunteer Blood Donor Awareness Month! And the award goes to....

In observance of January being National Voluntary Blood Donor Awareness Month, I invite you to turn out the lights, bare your carotid, and join me in honoring some of our favorite voluntary blood donors past and present.

1. Eric Northman

I know what he is, but as they say, he giveth and he taketh away.  While Mr. Northman is quite apt at receiving donations, he is just as good at giving it away.  Of course, he donated to the stunning Pam.  However, if you have not seen the results of Mr. Northman's very generous donations to both Sookie and Lafayette, then I prescribe a good heaping dose of True Blood episodes.

2. The elevator in The Shining

Yeah, so a friend amused me with this idea and I ran with it.  Never has there been an entity so willing to pour forth its life-giving essence. So much so, in fact, that I sense a frenzy coming on from the picture above!

3.  Cindy Sondheim

Admit it.  You wanted to know what was up with those three discreet bites when you were a kid, too.  For awakening the 30-40-somethings to the pleasures of the bite, and the brilliant disco routine, I nominate Cindy Sondheim for the kinkiest, err, hair on a blood donor.

But, seriously, a blood donor saved my life and I'm here today for my kids because of some unknown person who gave Type O + when I needed it.  Go give blood.

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