Saturday, April 7, 2012

Celebrating April with a Poop-Eating Grin!

As April's annual Hate Week is drawing to a close, I would like to offer you this moment to celebrate with reverence by observing the following video, which, incidentally, I find less full of hatred than the average newscast I am forced to witness on my twice-daily trips to the break room from Monday through Friday.

It's strange what people think is important enough to name a day for and what they find to be a cause to celebrate. There is almost nothing left to petition as a holiday.  And just how does one celebrate some of these days? Some are easy. April is National Kite Month.  That's a no-brainer. It is also Orthodox Holy Week. But if you just can't get enough out of the month by forsaking meat on Fridays and dying hard boiled eggs, I present to you other days and ways to honor the month of April.  (Also for those who shy away from actual physical activity that would be required in assisting a kite to mount the wind.) In other words, here is a list of films to help you beat the doldrums and get in the mood for springtime frolic and fun!

International Cesarean Awareness Month Rather than post graphic photos of my cesarean scars, I suggest an evening of fun-filled romping with the lovely Ms. Dahl.  No stitches required. (A l'interieur, AKA Inside [2007])

National Farm Animals Day,  which falls on April 10th, should be celebrated with a viewing of the beloved musical from Belgium, Calvaire (The Ordeal), from 2004.

 And don't forget International Louie Louie Day, which falls on April 11th.

And a topic that should be through the lips and over the gums of all concerned citizens, Global Child Nutrition Month.

And for those more adventurous partiers out there who want to be a part of the action, rather than sit docile on their rumps, celebrate Boomer Bonus Day with a marathon game of Fallout: New Vegas!

This list has been brought to you in part by Irritable Bowel Awareness Month and this guy:


  1. Excellent blog.
    I recently bought the uncut version of Inside (2007) on DVD, on the "Dimension Extreme" label. Has to be one of the most frightening movies every made. The fact that similar crimes have occured around the world gives it a 'cutting edge' (pun absolutely intended).
    The tension and build-up to the horror is brilliant realised. So many memorable moments in the lead-up to the violence.

    1. I agree! I felt that it has some of the best visually creepy moments of any recent horror. I wish the French new wave of horror had lasted longer than it did. Inside and Martyrs really set a high bar!