Saturday, September 25, 2010

My October Holiday Watch List

This is a list of movies that I plan to watch in the month of October to get into the spirit of Halloween. When the kids were younger, we had a huge Halloween party every other year with twenty or more children, their siblings and parents.  The last one we had was Harry Potter themed with a platform 9 3/4 and Harry Potter themed games.  Twenty kids running around the front yard on broomsticks looking for hidden snitches! It was a blast. Now they're older and I can't plan big parties anymore.  They don't want to be home on Halloween, they want to be out and about.  I'm the one who wants to be home. Old age sucks! So, I'm going to try to list at least 31 scary/creepy movies for me to watch, and some for me and the kids together, to lead up to Halloween.  The ones with the # next to them are for my to-watch-pile. This is a work in progress.

1. Tale of Two Sisters #
2. Frank Langella's Dracula
3. I Sell the Dead #
4. Bedlam #
5. I Walked With a Zombie #
6. Body Snatcher #
7. Spirited Away
8. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
9. Black Sunday
12. Suspiria # (havent seen since I was about ten)
13. Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer
14. Vampire Wars
15. Dracula Prince of Darkness
16. Eyes Wide Shut

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